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Chapter 8 Preview

Chapter 8's close to being done; I figured I'd give you guys a little preview. This has been done for months now and I'm rather proud of it. Illyria may be a liiiittle obsessed...

More to follow within a week or so.

He had to live. She was waiting for him. Fred.Collapse )


Where does the time go???

Sorry it's been a few weeks, guys. Life got very busy, mostly in the way of family crises leading to "OMG I am so behind on school work!!!!" Well, the quarter's over now (YAY!!!) and so I'm going to take the next few weeks to work on the fic some, get a bit ahead. Yeah, there's holiday stuffs to do, but that doesn't take up all my brain cycles the way rushing around to catch up on homework does. :P

Keep your eyes on this space!


New Look!

So I decided the journal needed a new look to go along with the revival. I like this better, I think, it fits the feel of the fic better. :) Let me know what you think!

I also added tags, which are a thing I understand now that I didn't a couple years back, and did some minor edits to Chapter 7, fixing typos and clarifying a couple of things. No big deal.

Chapter 8 is still in the conceptual stage; I'm working out details of the rest of The Strange Attractor (which will probably be longer than I thought). Mostly the problem is that this volume didn't really have a definite sort of "story" to it at first, it was mostly setup, but I figured out what the dramatic arc is and so I'm fleshing out the details.

At any rate, I'll probably start typing up Chapter 8 tonight or tomorrow, and it should be postable in 7-10 days.

Thanks for your patience! :)


In which everything goes to hell. In one case, literally. (Scene from "Sleep Tight" quoted, sort of. Same words, different context.)

Here it is, finally! Chapter Seven, where everything really starts to go off the rails. Hence, the title. I expect there to be... two-three more chapters in The Strange Attractor, which will finish out the "third season," as it were. This volume's really set-up for the others, getting off the track of the TV show and into the alterna-world. Things will really start getting moving in The Toroid Shape.

So, without further ado...

Chapter Seven!Collapse )

Last mini-fic

And finally, "The Price." I don't like this one as much as "Selfless." It's less focused, and I don't like the ending, and the Wesley/Fred/Illyria relationship is much, much different than I really think it ought to be. But I like the musings on what love really is, and I continue to like the way Illyria and Fred interact in one body. And I think Wesley mentioning Doyle at the end was a bit inspired, but I'm biased. :P

The PriceCollapse )


Second Mini-Fic!

"Selfless" and "The Price" were written back-to-back on consecutive days, when Chaotic Attractors was in the infant stages. I was never totally happy with them, mainly because it was difficult to figure out a good way to bring Fred back after the end of Angel and so many other people have done it in fics, and better than I can. Still, a lot of the kernels of the Illyria/Fred relationship are here in these two fics.

Consider this a character study on Illyria. And I really like the ending bit, about what a person is made of. Maybe my favorite thing I've ever written.

What is a person made of? Memories, and the love of others, and a body, and an imprint. A soul. Nothing is ever truly gone. Wood is consumed to make energy for fire, but ashes remain.

I'm gonna find a place for that in Chaotic Attractors. :P

SelflessCollapse )


Random fanfic stuff...

As a semi-random aside, and to give folks some fodder while waiting on Chapter 7, I'll be posting some old fanfics.

Incidentally, going back, my original stuff was fine; I'll be continuing down the original path. Two years ago I was far too prone to doubting myself. :P Forward, ho!

The first is a random fic exploring Illyria's feeling as Wesley's dying and after his death. I suppose it could be considered "canon" for Chaotic Attractors. My very very first Angel fic ever.

LostCollapse )



Okay, so... it's been two years. Two crazy years. I got out of writing altogether. I'm an astronomy major now, and life's been busy. I never intended to come back to this fanfic.

That said, while tracking down myself on the web, I came to this blog expecting to delete it. And saw comments from people begging me to finish this. It's been in the back of my mind, percolating, demanding to be worked on. And so... I will finish it! And in fact, it'll probably be better now, as my head's clearer and my writing's better.

Stay tuned. Chapter 7 is coming soon.


Sorry it's been so long. RL's been crazy! My husband was out of work (and just got a new job this week) so I haven't had a lot of time to write, and what time I've had went to other projects. But now I have time (including 3 solid child-free hours every morning) and a real and desperate need to get this story-outlining process ready (as well as some practice on action scenes), so I'm back to the fic.

As for Chaotic Attractors... the time away has cleared my head, and I'm re-vamping the thing. The ultimate story I wanted to tell is intact... but that story changed somewhere between writing Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. Also, I actually went and read After the Fall and watched all of Buffy. :P This is why one should not post writing before one is at least 5 chapters in!

At any rate, outlining the first volume as we speak, it'll get us to the same place I'm at in Chapter 6 but in a more concise manner that'll make more sense with what's coming down the line. If you've liked the fic so far you'll probably love what's to come: more and better Fred and Wesley, more Illyria being, well, Illyria, some surprises, and a much, much more concise and reasonable explanation of time travel.

This should be the only restart I'll need. I usually have to do this once with projects; my initial ideas always lead to something better. :) I know now why the story needs telling, and why in this way, and why I'm spending so much time on a project I won't ever get paid for! Beyond the joy of writing, of course.

Keep checking; I'll make some waves when I've got enough ready to post. :)

Edited to note: I still have the beginnings of Chapter 7 on my HD. I even saved it when I moved HDs. :P Should be up soonish.


Quick Update...

Sorry, it's been over a month! Augh! Been working on some projects I hope to actually make money with, and then my husband went into the hospital last week. He's fine, all is good, but been busybusy.

Working on Chap 7 and beyond. Going in this week to test run a writing process on this fic that should make things get written faster. Fic is handy since I can skip the character/setting making processes (which I have down pat) and get straight to the plot-planning process (which can be harder). Once I've got it nicely outlined the thing should flow... I keep getting stuck going "wait, how was I getting from Point A to Point B here?" And given that I knew how I was doing that from Chaps 1-3... they flowed easily. :)

Incidentally, I'll be doing a bit of a re-write on Chapter 2 at some point, but nothing major will change except some reasoning for things that already happened. :P I plan to give the entire fic an editing run or two once it's all written anyhow, to have a "final" form for, err, posterity. Or contests, or... whatever. :)

Back to work!