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I'm Here!! No Really!!!


First of all: I'm very very sorry to those who've been waiting for a new chapter. I've had my fics that I checked daily or weekly, looking for responses, and it's disappointing to not get updates. Especially because with a project that's remotely big you go "will it ever be finished?" There is little more inherently sad in my worldview than an unfinished story. Unless it's supposed to be that way for artistic reasons. ;)

An explanation: my life has been extremely complicated. I have four kids and I go to school full-time, which is complicated enough for a start. I'm a physics major, so it's difficult stuff, and my grades are very very bad. Like... "I'm not sure I can keep my financial aid" bad. Not due to the work being too hard, but due to chronic and not-quite-properly-treated illness of both me and my husband making it difficult to get to school, let alone do homework.

I also have a 90-year-old grandmother who depends on us for a lot and a child who definitely has some sort of developmental delay, so one can understand, perhaps, why writing fanfic has not been high on my radar--especially when I had a writing-intensive history class last quarter. I've been stressed beyond belief, and then of course thinking about the fic would make me go "augh I should write that!" and more stress. Bleh!

Anyways. Husband and myself are finally receiving proper doses of medication (though we're going to have to switch doctors but this should be a smooth transition), and last quarter is over. Going forward I have almost entirely lab classes which is, weirdly, a good thing for me. I loves me my lab classes. ;) I'm working with my advisor and assuming all holds together my school work will happen and stress will not. Well, not as much.

Here's a funny thing: my advisor thinks I ought to write. That the lack of writing is actually hindering my school work. She's a big one for balance. >.> And not in a "this is a nice suggestion" sort of way but now in a "do this or else" sort of way.

Anyway, Chaotic Attractors will get written. And if I write on another project at some point (I have one or two in my brain--one original, one fanfic) I will point y'all at it, in case you like my writing and not just my Angel fic'ing. ;) I am going to strive for biweekly updates at worst, more often at best. I'll definitely post status updates once a week.

So Sunday is officially update day! :) Which means that the next chapter--or more preview at the very least--should be up this coming Sunday.

Thanks for sticking around, folks. :)



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Jun. 21st, 2011 04:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the life update. I completely understand why you haven't been writing on this. Fanfiction seems pretty low on the priority list when life gets so hectic. But I appreciate you thinking of us and letting us know why you haven't updated. Take your time. We'll be here to read your awesome story whenever you get back. : )
Jun. 21st, 2011 09:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Thanks
You're welcome. :) And thanks for the reply. I've been on the Internet long enough to know that folks do wonder about the people on the other end of the screen, so I want to at least assure people I'm still here. ;)

I have a raid tonight (did I mention I play WoW? :P) but I'll get in on the writing tomorrow.
Jun. 23rd, 2011 01:21 am (UTC)
I was just talking about your fic to my boyfriend yesterday. :) It's good to hear there's more updates on the way.
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