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Chapter 9 Preview

Hey guys! It's been a grueling quarter, but finals are over now and I can settle and work on The Strange Attractor. I already got some done over the last month, so I'm posting it as a preview until I get the rest done.

I think about this dang thing all the time, I just haven't had a chance to sit at my computer and write. Look forward to the next update!

The land was red, jagged, and harsh. Smoke boiled from rents in the earth, rising from lava that made the open plains nearly unbearable to live upon. The sky matched the red of the land below, with streaks of black and gray clouds, rushing as if driven by winds too fast to be imaginable. A few scattered plants grew there, but most life was up in the mountains where it was cooler. Despite the heat of the land that sky was cold; the extremes in temperature between the plains and the mountain tops meant the only place to survive was in the in-between places, on the tops of mesas or in the mountain passes.

The creature was a strangely twisted thing, able to walk on two legs or four. It had long claws and teeth, and was almost skeletal despite the flesh that hung from its bones. The boy that stalked the creature tracked it more by scent than anything else; kur-lits had an awful stench. His father called them “zombie wolves,” although he’d then comment that they didn’t really look like wolves, but they sure acted like them.

Connor had known from a young age that he was different. There were humanoid demon tribes in Quor’toth, but they still looked very different. His father looked like him but drank the blood of creatures where Connor ate the flesh. And his father couldn’t get sustenance from the plants and fungi that Connor loved. Connor knew that was because his father was a vampire, not really alive but not really dead. A kind of half-demon. And he knew that he was special, because his mother had been a vampire too, and vampires should never, ever be able to have children. A miracle child, his father had once called him.

He’d learned several languages besides growing up: French, German, Russian, Italian, Romanian, Chinese, smatterings of whatever else his father could think of. He’d also learned from the demon tribes, and spoke five of their languages fluently. He could track and hunt and fight, and although he couldn’t sing at all, he was good on the drums and had learned to play a kind of flute the local Der’mash tribe had.

He didn’t grow up with the sort of ego one might expect from all that, however. The demon tribes saw him as strong, and strange, but a mere half-demon. Both of his parents might have been vampires, but they were half-breeds; who cared how they had children? Not only that, but he and his father were from the Outworld, the place beyond Quor’toth, a place hardly any in this dimension had ever seen. He’d had to prove himself over and over to the tribes as they’d moved from one place to another. More than anything Connor felt lonely. His father said every teenage boy felt lonely; that it was part of being a teenager. Maybe so, but Connor yearned for stronger friendships, for companionship.

That was why he was out here today. He had learned the Der’mash language as well as he could, had learned the pipes, had attracted a young female of the tribe. Debyrie was her name, and she was beautiful; or at least Connor, who had grown up in this place, thought she was. Dark hair, tangled and knotted in precise fashion, endlessly fascinating. Her eyes were red and glowed when they looked at him, her skin was brilliant purple. She was graceful and kind, and she thought him exotic and intelligent and strong.

Her father, of course, was the problem. No man could court Zeirat’s daughter without proving himself, and a half-breed would have to prove himself more than most. So Connor tracked the kur-lit, determined to bring back its carcass as a trophy. The thing would feed the entire tribe, and its bones and other bits would be useful for many things. A kur-lit was the best trophy to win a mate among the Der’mash, and only the best would do for Debyrie, regardless of the need to over-impress her father.

Connor spotted a footprint and stopped, expecting to find the signature print of the six-toed paw of the kur-lit. Instead he saw a print of something with three claws, too deep to be a kur-lit. Two pairs of prints, in fact. And there was a new smell on the air, something he’d never smelled before. Whatever it was, it was headed off in another direction, but it had come from the direction from which the kur-lit’s scent came.

Cautiously, he continued following the scent, following the new tracks back toward their origin. It wasn’t very far before he found the carcass of the kur-lit, freshly killed. Frustration was buried in curiousity. What could have so easily killed a kur-lit?

Connor was fast, and it wasn’t long before he reached the end of the tracks. The trail of both the new scent and the new tracks stopped abruptly, as if they’d come out of thing air. There was something odd about this spot, too, a shimmer in the air before him…

As he watched, the air swirled in front of him, and for a moment there was a hole in the world. Beyond there was a strange room, full of strange objects, but with people—two people, and they were human like him. He reached out, but in a moment the disturbance was gone. Wherever the new creatures had come from, clearly it was on the other side of that hole, and Connor suspected he knew where it led: the Outworld.

He had finally found the portal home that his father had been trying to find for years.


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May. 6th, 2011 10:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Ever had-
Thought I had commented on this already. Good preview of the chapter, exited to read more. I'm a patient waiter.
May. 26th, 2011 07:21 pm (UTC)
Woo, that was an amazing preview of the chapter, I love this history, the relationship between Fred and Illyria is the best I read.
What is going to happen now, Connor don't hate his father so the history is going to change and counting the days until I now what has you planned for then
Keep the good work and thanks
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